CNN Catches Kamala Harris Red Handed In A Bold Faced Lie

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This is tough to believe but CNN has caught Kamala Harris red handed in a blatant lie on illegal immigrants.

The California senator has been saying that she did not support a San Francisco policy that had authorities report illegal immigrants to Immigrations and Customs enforcement.

But CNN found out, and actually reported about the woman who appears to be its chosen candidate, that she bold face lied.

“NEW 2020 story with @natemcdermott: Speaking in Iowa on Saturday, Kamala Harris falsely claimed she didn’t support a policy that turned undocumented youth over ICE during her tenure as San Francisco DA,” CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski said.

“Harris said that undocumented youth arrested of suspected felonies being turned over to ICE was an “unintended consequence” of the change to SF’s sanctuary policy & she didn’t support it. But it *was* the policy and she opposed efforts to change it,” he said.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris this week mischaracterized a 2008 policy she supported that led to undocumented minors who were arrested for suspected felonies being turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement before they had been convicted of crimes.

Speaking to an audience in Iowa Sunday on Political Party Live a podcast about Iowa politics, Harris was asked by host Misty Rebik about a CNN KFile report detailing Harris’ public support for a citywide policy enacted by then-Mayor Gavin Newsom of reporting juvenile undocumented immigrants arrested by local police to ICE. The decision revoked a previous policy of non-reporting.

In her answer, Harris called the reporting of arrested juvenile undocumented immigrants before they were convicted of a felony an “unintended consequence” of the policy that she did not support. However, this was in fact the intent of the policy.

“Could you kind of give us some insight on how, from that time, when for whatever reason you were supporting this policy that was essentially handing over undocumented people to ICE before they had been convicted to now — kind of what’s changed on that and how you came to those changes?” the questioner asked Harris.

Harris responded, “That ended up being an unintended consequence of the policy and I did not support that consequence of that policy. And that policy I believe has since changed because it was not the intended purpose of that policy. I’ll say this, and I feel very strongly about it, and I always have, which is this, my background is as a prosecutor and I want to know that a person, a victim of a rape or a child molestation, or a vicious violent crime, I want to know that that victim will be able to run in the middle of the street and wave down a police officer and receive protection and security without having to worry about if they do that they will be deported.”

San Francisco had been a sanctuary city since 1989, meaning that police were not obligated to give any information to federal immigration authorities about interactions with undocumented residents of the city. The city’s policy was amended in 1992 to remove protections for criminal adult suspects, but the protection remained for arrested juveniles.

Newsom changed this policy in 2008 after a 21-year-old undocumented man was arrested for murdering three members of a San Francisco family. The man had previously been arrested as a youth at 17 and was found guilty of attempted robbery and assault, but he was never reported to federal immigration authorities. After Newsom’s change, the city began reporting arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE who were suspected of committing a felony, regardless of whether they were actually found guilty of a crime.

Harris’ comments mischaracterized her history on the policy. Reporting arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE was not an “unintended consequence” of the policy, it was the policy. Newsom and Harris have both since said that they supported the policy as a measure to protect San Francisco’s overall status as a sanctuary city, but the policy itself was enacted as ordered by the mayor.

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