Davis: No Brexit delay, seek free trade deal, step up for WTO

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Britain’s first Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has set out a clear path forward for the government that involves seeking a free trade deal whilst preparing fully for a WTO, No Deal Brexit.
It comes after the Theresa May’s government suffered a devastating rejection, with MPs overwhelmingly rejecting her bad EU deal.
In an article for The Telegraph Davis reiterates that: “We want a deal. We don’t want to punish EU farmers and car exporters. But the EU has a large trade deficit with us in agriculture and, if we leave without a Withdrawal Agreement, we will have to be more open to the rest of the world.”
At the same time he urges the government to “prepare properly for exit on WTO terms”.
This wouldn’t need to be forever: “In truth, the state people call ‘No Deal’ will not be tolerable to the EU for long. The economic and political forces against it in Europe will be too strong.
“As we know well, preparations have been under way for over two years, but we must be clearer about them and we must step them up.”
Davis also calls for a the government to take a tougher stance and “stop negotiating as if we and the EU are on the same side of the table”.
And he concludes that: “Their (EU) offer to us is – and has always been – a comprehensive free trade agreement. It is what we want too. It would take negotiating ineptitude on a grand scale not to achieve it.”
When asked by LBC if if he thought it was unlikely that the UK would leave on 29th March, Davis pushed back and insisted that the date of departure can still be met.
Time is running out and the government need to wake up and act quickly. They should seek a Canada+ free trade deal whilst fully preparing for a WTO Brexit.
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8.4k shares, 1143 points

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