Democrats Trying To Eliminate Electoral College In Unconstitutional Way

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The Electoral College is built into the U.S. Constitution. Love it or hate it, you can’t get rid of it without a Constitutional Amendment.

But that isn’t stopping Democrats intent on beating President Trump in 2020. They’re moving forward on a measure that would illegally dump the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote for president, all without changing a word of the Constitution.

Their solution?

Simply ignore the Constitution, of course!

In some ways this isn’t really a surprise, is it? Democrats have been ignoring the Constitution for a long time. But what’s different about this latest effort is the sheer audacity of the Democrats’ power play against the Supreme Law of the Land.

In the past, Democrats have at least paid lip service to the Constitution and have tried to perform intellectual somersaults to justify their ideas as having Constitutional backing.

But that ploy ends today. Democrats are now officially giving up on the Constitution and calling for it to be scrapped. They’ve stopped hiding their disdain for the document and are now in open war against it.

All in order to beat Trump.

This is dangerous. This is treason.

From The Federalist:

Last month, Colorado’s legislature became the twelfth to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC,) an agreement among the states to circumvent the constitutional method of electing the president in favor of a national popular vote. Each state that signs the agreement would require its presidential electors to obey the results of the national popular vote, not the results in their own state. It would come into effect when states representing a majority of electoral votes have signed on to the idea. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, has pledged to sign the bill.

The idea has been capturing the attention of frustrated Democrats since law professor Robert W. Bennett dreamed it up after the 2000 election. It gained even more popularity on the left in 2016, following the election of Donald Trump despite Hillary Clinton’s popular vote plurality.

As an antidote to the Democratic Party’s current difficulties in winning votes outside of their coastal base, the compact is bound to appeal to fed-up partisans. But as a legal matter, it is flawed and almost certainly unconstitutional. …

It takes more to amend the Constitution than it does to pass a simple statute, and purposely so. The Constitution is supreme over all other laws and state constitutions. As such, changes to it ought to be something that more than a bare majority desires. Laws come and go, but a Constitution is meant to have staying power and not be idly altered.

The popular vote campaign does not have that widespread support. Time and again, amendments proposed in Congress to accomplish their desired result have failed. A quick look at the states that have joined this legally dubious effort shows that the effort is entirely one-sided—the compact has been made law in Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut, as well as the District of Columbia.

None of these states have voted Republican in a presidential election since at least 1988. In fact, D.C. has never voted Republican, and Hawaii has done so only twice. The addition of Colorado will mark the first time that anything close to a swing state has joined the compact—Colorado voted Republican in 2004, and favored Hillary Clinton by less than 5 percent in 2016. …

Losing two elections in the Electoral College despite popular vote pluralities is bound to frustrate partisans on the left, and it has seemingly driven some of them to embrace radical, nonsensical solutions. Emotions run high in electoral politics, but they cannot overcome the truth of what the Constitution does and does not allow. Proponents of a popular vote are free to amend the Constitution if they can but until they do so, they must respect the rule of law and accept the results of elections.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Make sure you go back and read the whole thing.

What do you think of this?

Is it a relief that the Democrats have finally dropped the veil and have stopped pretending to obey the Constitution?

Or is this the beginning of the end for the oldest written Constitution in human history?

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