Donald Trump’s Sons Mercilessly Troll Michael Cohen During Testimony

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As political junkies followed former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress Wednesday (and the mainstream media tried in vain to get regular Americans to care about it), the president’s sons took to Twitter to throw in their two cents, and the results are sure to amuse Trump fans sick of being told (without evidence) that the “truth” about Russia will be exposed any day now.

As the Daily Mail summarizes, Cohen reiterated his claims that Donald Jr. arranged the now-infamous 2016 meeting with a Russian lobbyist at Trump Tower, and that he had witnessed him personally inform him that “the meeting is all set.”

As those who’ve been following along know, the worst that can be said about the meeting is that Don Jr. didn’t disclose it at first, then falsely denying what he knew about the Russian’s ties to the Kremlin before it happened. That’s it.

Moreover, the subject of the meeting had nothing to do with “collusion” to steal the election or offer policy favors in exchange for assistance; it was solely to hear out a claim that there was dirt to be found on Hillary Clinton. That didn’t pan out, and it was foolish to take the meeting, but no laws were broken. Nothing treasonous happened.

Naturally, the Trump’s are miffed about Cohen continuing to milk all this for self-promotion, and made their feelings known on Twitter:

Was Cohen’s testimony a circus?

It’s worth noting that those desperately hoping Cohen’s testimony would finally bring Trump down were disappointed yet again. As The Federalist’s Madeline Osburn summarizes, Cohen admitted he had no actual evidence of Russian collusion, and while he weaselly tried to claim Trump’s “tone and body language” insinuated he should lie under oath, he admitted Trump never actually asked him to do so.

Oh, and he refused to say he wouldn’t try to parlay his position into a book, TV, or even a movie deal. What a guy!

Unfortunately, no matter how little there is there to this whole business, Democrats in the House of Representatives currently have free reign to waste taxpayers’ time and money on this in whatever ways they can imagine. It’s gonna be a long two years.

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