Elizabeth Warren Lists Constitutional Rights She Wants To Strip For National Emergencies

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Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a laundry list of national emergencies she would like to call.

And if she were to become president the Massachusetts senator has indicated that she would do it.

The frightening part is that her supposed national emergencies involve stripping citizens of their constitutional rights, The Daily Mail reported.

Elizabeth Warren has a list of problem areas she says are national emergencies, although she stopped short of saying Tuesday night that she’d take executive action to resolve them.

Warren appeared on the ‘Late Late Show’ with James Corden to promote her candidacy for president, and the comedian brought Donald Trump’s border emergency up.

Corden asked Warren what she would consider to be a national emergency, if she were in the Oval Office.

“’Let’s do the list,’ she responded giddily. ‘Climate change … gun violence … student loan debt, right off the top. That’s what we oughta be working on,” Warren said.

How in the world would student loan debt, something that students took on themselves, be a national emergency?

Are you voting for Trump in 2020?

“We ought to be working on it together,” Warren said. “Congress, the president, as a country, those are the things we should be working on,”

“Let’s be clear about a few things,” Warren said in an email to supporters that listed what she believes are national emergencies.

“Gun violence is a national emergency. Climate change is a national emergency. The opioid epidemic is a national emergency,” she said.

“Building Donald Trump’s border wall is not. And his decision to declare a fake national emergency at the border is fear-mongering of the worst kind,” she said.

Former Secretary of State, senator and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agreed.

“The real national emergencies:,” the former secretary of state said.

“Relentless gun violence, Children separated from their families at the border, Climate change, Americans dying for lack of health care,” she said.

She also retweeted a tweet that decried President Donald trump declaring a national emergency.

“Trump just declared a #FAKENationalEmergency at the border. Trump is going around Congress, the will of the people, & abusing the powers of the presidency to build his hateful wall. There’s no time to waste – it’s time to mobilize to defend our democracy,” it said.

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