Fireworks As CNN Anchor Torches Democrat Strategist Defending Ilhan Omar

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CNN host Victor Blackwell did something stunning on Saturday when he held a Democrat operative to account.

He was speaking to Maria Cardova when he mentioned the Democrat double standard when it comes to thing the Rep. Ilhan Omar says as opposed to the outrage they have over President Donald Trump.

“After comments that some thought were anti-semitic, the resolution passed in the house condemning hate, it really was an all hate matters type approach, instead of going after anti-semitism, it went after islamophobia, white supremacy and other matters as well,” he said.

“Was this the best way to deal specifically with what launched the catalyst for the need for a response?” he said.

“I do, I actually think it was the best way to deal with this. Look, Victor, what we saw this week was a new Democratic Party that’s expanding, that’s growing, that’s fitting in, what I call beautiful diversity,” she said.

“We elected in November the most diverse Congress in history. What that means is that there will be robust sometimes raucous debates because people are now at the table that are representing communities that have historically been marginalized. They have different perspectives,” Cardova said.

“Different perspectives, understandable, but do you believe that what she said was anti-semitic?” Blackwell said.

Is Democrats defense of Omar insane?

“I believe the words she used, absolutely were taken as being anti-semitic,” Cradova said.

“What does that mean, they were taken as being anti-semitic. Were they anti-semitic or were they not?” Blackwell said incredulously.

“Well, I don’t know what is in her heart. I will go with what Nancy Pelosi said because I believe this,” she said.

“I don’t believe she meant them as anti-semitic because I don’t believe she understood what her words were meaning, when she uses the word allegiance, foreign country,” she said.

That was when Blackwell did something uncharacteristic and defended President Donald Trump.

“There are plenty of times we had conversations with you and maybe not Alice but other Republicans in which they have said nobody knows what’s in President Trump’s heart and you have said I don’t know what’s in his heart but I know what comes out of his mouth,” he said.

“Are we not judging them by different scales here, if we don’t know what’s in president Trump’s heart and judging what comes out of his mouth,” he said.

“Trump has a 50 year history of not just comments but of policies that are out and out racist,” she said, which is not true.

“We can judge him on what he has said and done for 50 years. If congresswoman Omar doesn’t learn from this, yes, she will have to answer to being anti-semitic and what that means.,” she said.

Alice Stewart, Republican strategist, got into the fray tearing into Cordova for her defense of the anti-Semite Congresswoman.

“I am sick and tired after an entire week of Democrats defending congresswoman Omar, treating her like she’s a 12-year-old child that doesn’t know what she’s saying,” she said.

“She knew exactly what she’s saying. She repeated it, doubled down on her anti-semitic comments, and Democrats defended her, kept trying to put words in her mouth, what she actually meant,” she said.

“She knew exactly what she was saying. She has not walked them back and it is hurtful. When she talks about dual loyalty and people are motivated by Benjamin’s, she talks about Israel hypnotizing Americans, she needs to be to auschwitz and see one of the concentration camps, see what the people of the Jewish faith went through,” she said.

“She’s an elected congresswoman, elected to represent the people of her district. I feel bad for them because she is not bringing home the bacon, she’s working on click bait for herself. It is despicable Democrats allowed her to get away with it this long,” she said.

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