Huge Company Lobbies to Change Definition of the Phrase ‘Black’

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One other leftist run massive company is at it once more attempting to ram political correctness down our throats.

Most not too long ago it was Gillette, attempting to make us extra “woke.” Now Proctor and Gamble has gotten into the act, as CNBC stories.

The leftists who run this firm have launched an effort to get and others to redefine the phrase “black” so it’s not so offensive to whiny liberals.

As soon as once more a busy physique leftist comes up with an answer for an issue nobody is asking to be solved, and even thinks is an issue. They’re calling their silly marketing campaign “My Black is Stunning.”

CNBC has extra:

“My Black is Stunning,” a marketing campaign for black ladies the buyer items big fashioned over a decade in the past, says dictionaries too usually prioritize phrases resembling “evil” or “soiled” over people who describe the phrase because it pertains to identification and pores and skin shade. The push is known as #RedefineBlack and has a petition on …

Lela Coffey, model director of multicultural magnificence at P&G, mentioned “My Black is Stunning” has at all times been centered on selling a extra optimistic notion of blackness and spotlighting bias. When the group began to consider the dictionary definitions, she mentioned they mentioned how associating darkness with badness can result in racial prejudice.

“We talked with some professors concerning the subject and the impact that phrases have on individuals,” Coffey mentioned. “We began to marvel if this was one thing we might change.”

Possibly we should always redefine all the colours so that they’re much less offensive? Have we raised a era of lilly livered snowflakes who’re harm by dictionary definitions of colours?

In that case, that is an America that has far deeper and bigger issues than offensive phrases.

Apparently has caved, and is wanting into making the definition of the phrase black “much less offensive:” is already planning to replace its definition due to the marketing campaign. The web site posted a weblog Wednesday explaining that it might be making updates and revisions that may roll out on the web site later this 12 months.

“In the event you look on at present, the adjectival sense of ‘Black’ that refers to individuals is the third sense on the web page, ” it says. “At the moment this definition sits proper above a definition that reads ‘dirty or stained with grime.’ Whereas there are not any semantic hyperlinks between these two senses, their proximity on the web page could be dangerous. It could possibly result in unconscious associations between this phrase of identification and a unfavorable time period. These are usually not associations we wish anybody to get from, and so we can be swapping our second and third senses on the web page.”

I suppose it’s time to re-examine each phrase within the dictionary to judge how hurtful it may be to a thin-skinned sour-pussed liberal whiners.

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