‘Humanely euthanised’: Roos to be k-lled to make way for development south of Perth

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A family of 60 kangaroos will be killed south of Perth to make way for residential development unless a community campaign can save them.

The troop, fenced in on land near Baldivis Road, are due to be “humanely tranquillised and euthanised” in coming months before first stage construction of Paramount Estate starts.

The western greys on the 88.5 hectares of land on Lots 635, 739 and 740 were confined by the fence after kangaroos were it by cars and killed on Baldivis Road.

An online petition to have the kangaroos relocated instead of killed has attracted thousands of signatures within just a few hours.

City of Rockingham councillor Matt Whitfield said the troop were deemed a safety issue for pedestrians and road users and the fence was consequently erected by the developer, Spatial Property Group.

Cr Whitfield said Spatial had proposed for the kangaroos to be “humanely tranquillised and euthanised” as part of a management plan despite the city’s request the animals be relocated.

The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions is responsible for licensing fauna management activities and authorised the developer’s proposed euthanasia of the kangaroos.

A DBCA spokeswoman said land owners and developers were responsible for managing native fauna on their land and the role of the department was to offer advice.

“The developer is responsible for preparing appropriate strategies and applying for a licence to take or disturb the fauna,” she said.

“Relocation of large numbers of kangaroos can result in poor animal welfare outcomes, as the areas into which they are placed already have kangaroo populations that are using the available resources.

“The relocation process itself can also cause stress to the animals, which can result in their death.”

Cr Whitfield said the city and developer were now working closely to find an alternate solution due to the widespread opposition to killing the animals.

“The city expressed its concerns to both DBCA and the developer regarding this course of action, reiterating the preference for kangaroos to be relocated rather than euthanised,” he said.

Cr Whitfield said he understood euthanising kangaroos was a “very common” practice to make way for development but an alternate solution should be found.

“In an ideal world the roos would be relocated properly to another site locally (we are fortunate that we have hundreds of acres of protected areas in Baldivis such as the Tamworth swamp, children’s forest etc) but there is no guarantee of the success as the welfare of the roos could be compromised and ultimately DBCA have not given permission for this to happen,” he said.

“I don’t want families and young kids to see the kangaroos be killed when it happens.

“Euthanising is a cheaper option for the developer but they are aware of the community’s feeling on this.”

Baldivis MLA Reece Whitby agreed a “much better” solution could be found for the native animals.

“Action needs to be taken much sooner and the aim should be trying to find a place to relocate them where the kangaroos can safely reestablish themselves,” he said.

“This mob has lived in close proximity to residents for a number of years so it’s understandable there is concern about their welfare and their future.”

DBCA wildlife officers visited the site in January in response to residents’ concerns the kangaroos were trapped inside the fence without sufficient food or water.

The DBCA spokeswoman said officers were satisfied the kangaroos had sufficient feed and were able to move across part of the property.

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10.6k shares, 1165 points

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