James Woods Completely Owns Democrat Over Her Ignorant Anti-Gun Statement

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If it’s a day ending in Y, it means that somewhere a Democrat seeking the power to make decisions for your life is demonstrating they should instead be kept as far away from your freedoms as possible.

Today’s example is Brianna Wu, the “progressive” software engineer of Gamergate fame running for a Michigan House seat in the 2020 elections.

Earlier this week, Wu tweeted about getting a chance to fire a fully-automatic M16 rifle, and how the experience strengthened her conviction that there’s “no reason for a civilian to have access to this weapon, or one like it” (hat tip to Conservative Tribune):

This is all very interesting, except for one small problem: she’s knocking down a straw-man. It’s already illegal for civilians to own fully-automatic weapons manufactured after 1986, and even purchasing older weapons is expensive and highly regulated. And there’s not exactly a serious effort going on to change that anytime soon.

Two of Twitter’s best and brightest conservatives didn’t let Wu get away with it:

So, is Wu ignorant or lying? Well, it doesn’t help her case that her “response” to the pushback was to cry “death threats” and lamely claim that her point stands because M16s are sorta kinda like semi-automatic weapons such as the AR-15.

In other words, Wu’s experience didn’t actually give her any valuable new insight into the gun debate; it was just a lazy hook to segue into a generic gun-control screed with only a tenuous connection.

No, there’s “no purpose” to owning such weapons….unless you count, just off the top of my head, Stephen Willeford, the man who used his AR-15 to stop the perpetrator of the 2017 Texas church shooting.

“If I had run out of the house with a pistol and faced a bulletproof vest and kevlar and helmets, it might have been futile,” he said at the time. “I ran out with an AR-15 and that’s what he was shooting the place up with.”

Fortunately for Brianna Wu, facts don’t matter when you’re running as a Democrat; moral indignation reigns supreme.

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