Malia Obama’s secret Facebook account reveals just how much former First Daughter

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Malia Obama described President Trump as ‘evil’ on a secret Facebook page where she exchanges messages friends including Joe Biden’s granddaughter, can reveal.

The Facebook page operates under a pseudonym and does not appear to have been publicly updated since 2017.

Its cover photograph is of a row of pink post-it notes which read: ‘Donald Trump is President,’ ‘This is not normal’, ‘Donald Trump is evil’ and ‘Don’t be complacent.’

Among the comments written beneath the photograph is one by Biden’s 20-year-old granddaughter Finnegan.

She said: ‘Never saw this. I like it.’

It is not clear whose home the post-its are featured in. Malia moved into freshman dorms in August 2017, a few months after she posted it on her profile.

She had been living in New York City in the months beforehand while interning at The Weinstein Company.

Weinstein’s widespread alleged sexual abuse of women in Hollywood had not yet become public when Malia was working for the company.

The Facebook page offers a rare glimpse into the the former first daughter’s remarkably typical teenage years. photo albums, Malia is shown relaxing on lakeside vacations and posing up a storm with her friends.

There are smiley group photos taken at parties, flattering portraits of the Harvard student and a silly image of her sitting fully clothed in an empty bathtub draped in a collapsed shower curtain.

She used it to promote causes close to her heart, including gun reform.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas country music festival mass shooting which claimed 58 lives, Malia campaigned for change by sharing a link to a petition demanding action.

Other photographs were taken during her senior year at Sidwell Friends, a prestigious, private school in Maryland and in the months afterwards.

Among them is a happy photograph taken during a trip to Bolivia and Chile with her friends.

Now 20, Malia is in her second year at Harvard.

She has spent the past few days in Miami with friends and was pictured most recently enjoying an $80 bottle of rosé by the pool of a hotel.

There was no sign of her boyfriend, British youngster Rory Farquharson, in Miami and he does not appear in any photos on the Facebook page.

The pair became close after meeting at Harvard. They have not been photographed together since last August.

Malia was in Miami with school friends Jane Lipscomb, Taylor Nides and Lizzy Mullaney.

All have been friends for several years and even attended White House events, including a 2014 4th of July party, while they were teenagers.

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