Maxine Says Actual Patriots Do not Stand With President Trump, Will get Totally Destroyed

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Maxine Waters was excessive on her bully pulpit slamming supporters of President Donald Trump. The 80-year-old Democrat pointed to the Mueller report claiming it clearly proves the president is a Russian agent. Whereas on MSNBC, Waters said Trump supporters are traitors and the “actual patriots” are those that oppose him. Properly, the aged Congresswoman was completely destroyed. Don’t miss this.

Rep. Maxine Waters and President Donald Trump (Photograph Credit score: YouTube/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Pictures)

Similar to clockwork, the Democrats are ignoring the findings of the Mueller report and easily doubling down on their allegations that President Trump was working with the Russians to win the 2016 election. This isn’t surprising in any respect. Nonetheless, Maxine Waters made an enormous mistake when she claimed Trump supporters are traitors and the true patriots are these rabid leftists who oppose him. 

“Sunday on MSNBC’s AM Pleasure, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated she questioned the patriotism of Republicans who’re supporting President Donald Trump after the discharge of particular counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference within the 2016 election,” Breitbart reported.

“One of many issues it’s a must to take into consideration is that this; who’re the patriots?” requested Waters. “Who will get up for America when our apparent enemy is principally hacking into our electoral methods? Who’s going to face up for America and declare to be a patriot after they see that there are various individuals round this president who’ve interacted with these from Russia, from the Kremlin, and with Putin?”

Mad Maxine was simply getting began on a ridiculous rant based mostly on the pretend information’ conspiracy idea, whatever the fact of the Mueller report.

“The place are they coming from? And I believe while you ask your self this query, you’d higher be involved about whether or not or not these are actual patriots,” claimed Waters. “Or whether or not or not they’re within the pockets of the president of america wishing to achieve favor from the president they usually’re going to face up for him it doesn’t matter what. And so I name out their patriotism at this level this time. You check out this report, and you’ll be shocked on the data that’s unfolding.”

How dare “Low IQ Maxine” name into query the patriotism of these People who stand by President Trump. Trump supporters are the “actual patriots” who upset the Washington, D.C., swamp by surprising the world at massive by electing the person who was not a politician and had zero ties to the deep state. Trump owed no favors to any lobbyists, and after eight years of putting up with Barack Obama attempt like hell to “rework” America right into a Socialistic nightmare, Trump voters saved America from utter wreck.

Properly, Mad Maxine acquired scorched by patriotic People. “I query the patriotism of somebody who incites violence towards her political opponents, somebody who requires impeachment of a duly-elected president who hasn’t been discovered responsible of any crimes, somebody who makes use of her place to counterpoint herself and her household. However that’s simply me,” tweeted “Cleary Cleary.”

“Which signifies that Mad-Max’s patriotism is what truly must be questioned, and nobody else. For Mad-Max is plagued with a double-mind and a darken coronary heart not know what to consider or belief,” tweeted Onlashuk Shugaharra.

“I wish to see Mad Maxine’s tax returns. I wish to understand how she affords to stay in a mansion. I wish to know why she doesnt stay within the district she represents, and I wish to know why they preserve electing her anyway,” tweeted Cheryl Ingram.

There have been 1000’s of responses by patriotic People calling out “Low IQ” Maxine Waters for having the audacity to query the loyalties of Trump supporters. It’s Trump supporters who put American first and abide by the Structure when leftist nutjobs like Wacky Waters are for open borders together with abolishing components of the Structure she and her cohorts don’t like.

Maxine Waters is what Communists name a “helpful fool.” The California Democrat spreads lies and propaganda straight from those that are working to see America fail. If anybody is an agent of Russia, it’s Mad Maxine, and that’s the unhappy irony actual American patriots should face every single day.

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