New Excuse As Top Dem Blames Trump For Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitism

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Julian Castro, an ardent anti-Trumper and Democrat candidate for president, blames President Donald Trump for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism.

He spoke with Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday and blamed the president for “dividing Americans.”

“I was glad that she apologized. I don’t believe that she’s, you know, in her heart an anti-Semite, but I do believe that those comments gave life to some old tropes, biases against Jews as having dual loyalties or somehow dominating industries or politics with money,” he said.

“I’m glad she apologized. I’m also glad that the House is condemning bigotry. We have seen a rise in anti-Semitism in the last couple of years, and seen a rise in anti-Muslim hate, and hate directed at others,” he said.

“My hope is that, you know, apart from this resolution, that we’re going to take action in this country to make sure that anti-Semitism and other types of bigotry are not given sustenance,” he said.

“And we have to recognize that we have a president, who is dividing Americans along a lot of these lines. I would like to see us united in trying to offer a more difficult, positive and inclusive vision for this country,” he said.

The Democrats have not grown weary of defending Omar, who has a history of antisemitism, and last week they passed a weak resolution that did not condemn her.

They do not get it and it is likely that they never will comprehend the gravity of the words they speak and what they mean.

After the Democrat run House passed a weak anti-hate resolution on Thursday the two most famous Muslim Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar issued a statement.

Even though the resolution began as a way to reprimand Omar for her rampant antisemitism these two somehow believe it was about something else.

In the statement they released, after House leadership saved to their demands, they believe the legislation was about anti-Muslim bigotry.

These two were joined in their statement by fellow Muslim congress member Rep. André Carson of Indiana.

“Our nation is having a difficult conversation, but we believe this is great progress,” the three said.

“We are tremendously proud to be part of a body that has put forth a condemnation of all forms of bigotry including anti-Semitism, racism and white supremacy,” they said.

“Our nation is having a difficult conversation and we believe this is great progress,” the group said in the statement.

“Today is historic on many fronts,” they said. “It’s the first time we have voted on a resolution condemning Anti-Muslim bigotry.”

The mental gymnastics these hate mongers and anti-Semites had to do to make this about anti-Muslim bigotry is mind numbing.

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