Pelosi Loses Fight With Radicals, Backtracks on Omar

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Nominal Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appears to have lost control of the Democrat party caucus and ceded power to radical socialists like Rashid Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

It’s so bad that the Democrats cannot even agree to condemn anti-Semitism.

Yesterday Democrats planned to introduce a resolution condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar’s continuing obvious and blatantly anti-semitic remarks.

Now it appears that is being “delayed,” probably indefinitely and Nancy Pelosi has backtracked, claiming Omar was not being knowingly “anti-Semitic” as if she’s a child.

Give me a break. Of course Omar knew exactly what she was saying, as it’s exactly what she believes.

In fact not only will Omar not be punished in any way, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Eliot Engel has announced that she’ll get to keep her spot on the prestigious Foreign Affairs Committee.

“I’m looking to get rid of anti-semitism, not looking to punish anybody.” @RepEliotEngel says he has no plans to strip Rep. Ilhan Omar of her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, and instead, “I’m hoping that she’ll grow and she’ll change”

Good luck with that. Democrats don’t really expect, or want Omar to change her Jew hating views, they just want her to shut up about them.

After all anti-Semitism is now a key plank of the what the Democratic party stands for. Even Bernie Sanders is getting on on the act, as the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic-socialist who has once again thrown his hat into the ring for a 2020 presidential bid, has begun to rely in recent months on two staffers: Foreign policy adviser Matt Duss and campaign manager Faiz Shakir, both of whom faced charges of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories during their time at the Center for American Progress, or CAP, a liberal think-tank.

Sanders’s dependence on Duss and Shakir has been making waves in the pro-Israel and Jewish community in recent months, given the duo’s prominent role in CAP’s 2012 anti-Semitism row, which saw several staffers at the organization’s Think Progress blog rebuked for invoking age-old canards about Jewish control of money and politics.

Duss has faced additional scrutiny in the subsequent years for publishing Nazi-era propaganda posters and steadfastly standing against the U.S.-Israel alliance

The Democratic party has evolved from being a merely misguided political party into a hate group.

Democrats officially hate Trump supporters, white people especially men, Christians, babies born after a botched abortion and now the Jewish people and supporters of Israel.

Sadly, the list of groups and people Democrats hate just keeps growing by the day.

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