Roseanne Barr Torches ‘Bug Eyed B**ch’ Ocasio-Cortez Over Insane Green New Deal

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gotten a lot of richly-deserved mockery for her Green New Deal, and it’s not letting up anytime soon. Everything leftists propose is poison, but you know it’s a whole new level of insanity when its own leading champion tries to stop people from reading it and Democrats see simply making them vote on it as a dirty trick. This one’s gonna follow her all throughout her still-new career, with some critiques being more, shall we say, colorful than others.

Controversial comedian Roseanne Barr is the latest to join the pile-on, mocking AOC in the most Roseanne way possible:

“That Green New Deal that that Farrakhan-loving bitch, I don’t even remember her name, the bug-eyed bitch, it looks like a realtor, she got the realtor eyes,” Barr rambles in the opening. “I can always tell by realtor eyes, she got ‘em. Bug-eyed lying bitch, Farrakhan fan, Israel hater, lefty dumbass, dumbasses.”

I have to plead ignorance on what “realtor eyes” are, but it’s always good to remind people that AOC refused to condemn the leftist Women’s March for co-chair Tamika Mallory’s adoration of Minister Louis Farrakhan, one of the most over-the-top anti-Semites in the country, reacting to questions on the matter by changing the subject to “concerns of anti-semitism with this current administration and the White House.”

Noting that the Green New Deal would cost “hundreds of people decent-paying jobs,” Barr said “that’s what socialism does, and I just gotta say it: socialism is a fake f***ing con. It’s just like capitalism but it comes from the bottom up, not the top down. It’s a f***ing Ponzi scheme and a con game.

“Here’s why they want the immigrants,” Barr continued. “First of all, because all their buddies are hiring up for less than minimum wage, that’s a big draw. And second because no Americans are going to vote for their asses anymore, ‘cause we woke up to the shit you’re doing. You’re decimating whole communities in inner cities while you live up there in a vineyard and a mansion.

“That’s what socialism gets us,” she declared. “We don’t want none of that shit, okay? We don’t want what you did in Venezuela.”

Is it extreme to say Ocasio-Cortez wants to make America more like Venezuela? Based on what the Green New Deal called for — draconian bans on energy production, mass overhauls on almost every overhaul in America, and insanely expensive renovation of American buildings while simultaneously blowing away the concept of having a budget with new housing, education, food, and income entitlements — not in the slightest.

Roseanne’s anti-AOC stream of consciousness isn’t exactly the most informative treatment on the subject, but it does have a certain entertainment level. And considering how badly the Left was triggered simply by having one bombastic sitcom star dissenting from the leftist choir, it’s sure to have an impact just the same.

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