The Fight Is On As Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Do Battle

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It is like the 2016 election all over again as Sen. Bernie Sanders and Team Hillary Clinton have squared off.

Sanders, the near 80-year-old Vermont senator who is again campaigning to be president appeared on “The View” this week.

And his comments about former senator and Secretary of State Clinton, were not welcomed by her fans.

Meghan McCain, one of the hosts of the ABC daytime talk show, asked Sanders if he would ask advice from Clinton as other Democrats have.

“I suspect not. She has not called me,” the Vermont senator said curtly to laughter from the audience.

“So you’re not interested in any advice from her?” McCain asked him again, and Sanders did not hesitate.

“We have differences, you know, Hillary has played a very important role in modern American politics,” he said.

“I think every Democrat is gonna come together,” Sanders said, noting that the goal is to get rid of President Donald Trump.

Are you planning to vote for Trump?

“I hope to be the Democratic nominee and have the support of the whole Democratic Party behind me,” he said.

“If I am not, and somebody else is, I will support that candidate because what’s most important is that Trump be defeated… Hillary and I have fundamental differences,” he said.

We are gonna run an unprecedented, grass-roots campaign which is going to bring our people together, doing exactly the opposite of what Trump is trying to do,” he said.

But Nick Merill, a former advisor to Secretary Clinton, was infuriated by the comments from Sanders.

“I don’t know who our nominee is going to be but I am damn sure that beating Trump & getting America back on the right footing is going to require a unified Democratic Party, so crap like this 613 days before Election Day is irresponsible, counter-productive, & sets us all back,” he said.

“And while we’re here, when it served his own purposes a week ago @BernieSanders was more than happy to tout his @HillaryClinton ties,” he said.

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