The “Rot Inherent in Socialism” Brutally Uncovered by a Single Tweet

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Actor James Woods simply brilliantly defined the “rot inherent in Socialism” with a single brutal but correct tweet:

James Woods scores once more!

“You can not legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the rich out of freedom. What one individual receives with out working for, one other individual should work for with out receiving. The federal government can not give to anyone something that the federal government doesn’t first take from any person else. When half of the individuals get the concept that they don’t have to work as a result of the opposite half goes to deal with them, and when the opposite half will get the concept that it does no good to work as a result of any person else goes to get what they work for, that my pricey pal, is concerning the finish of any nation. You can not multiply wealth by dividing it.”

Stated by Adrian Rogers, who was born in 1931, and nonetheless as true as we speak because it was when he initially stated it in 1984.

The one factor James acquired flawed right here was the date Rogers really stated this. Right here’s some background:

Usually attributed to Dr. Rogers with an incorrect date of 1931. The citation is a part of an extended 1984 sermon in a bigger collection titled “God’s Solution to Well being, Wealth and Knowledge” (CDA107); it additionally seems in Dr. Rogers’ 1996 work “Ten Secrets and techniques for a Profitable Household” stating that “by and enormous our younger individuals have no idea both the significance or the worth of trustworthy labor”. Rogers didn’t originate the quote and didn’t declare to have originated it. As a substitute, he was citing nearly verbatim a little bit of anti-Soviet propaganda that had circulated in lots of magazines within the early 1960’s. The quote appeared earlier than that within the Congressional File of 1958, the place they had been appended to the report by congressman Bruce Alger. Alger had borrowed the phrases from Gerald L. Ok. Smith, who had written them first in his journal, The Cross and the Flag. For the reason that quote was attributed to Rogers in 2009, it has been repeatedly attributed to him; nevertheless, Rogers was primarily quoting Smith on the time.

Talking of socialism…

An economics professor at a neighborhood faculty made a press release that he had by no means failed a single scholar earlier than however had just lately failed a whole class.

That class had insisted that Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialism labored and that nobody can be poor and nobody can be wealthy, an ideal equalizer.

The professor then stated, “OK, we can have an experiment on this class on Bernie and Alexanderia’s plan”.

All grades shall be averaged and everybody will obtain the identical grade so nobody will fail and nobody will obtain an “A” …. (substituting grades for {dollars} — one thing nearer to house and extra readily understood by all).

After the primary take a look at, the grades had been averaged and everybody acquired a “B”. The scholars who studied arduous had been upset and the scholars who studied little had been pleased.

Because the second take a look at rolled round, the scholars who studied little had studied even much less and those who studied arduous determined they wished a free trip too so that they studied little.

The second take a look at common was a “D”! Nobody was pleased.

When the third take a look at rolled round, the brand new common was an “F”.

Because the checks proceeded, the scores by no means elevated as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in arduous emotions and nobody would examine for the good thing about anybody else.

To their nice shock, ALL FAILED and the professor instructed them that socialism would additionally finally fail as a result of when the reward is nice, the hassle to succeed is nice, however when authorities takes all of the reward away, nobody will attempt or wish to succeed.

Human nature will all the time trigger socialism’s type of presidency to fail as a result of the world has producers and non-producers (makers and takers).

It couldn’t be any less complicated than that.

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