These Tiny Hand And Feet Manicures Are Going Viral on Internet And People Started Having Nightmares To See Them In Real Life

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These Tiny Hand And Feet Manicures Are Going Viral on Internet And People Started Having Nightmares To See Them In Real Life

You might have heard that “Everything is fair in love and war”. But we are living in the times where millennials don’t think twice before starting weird trends like “Tide pods challenge” or “Bird Box Dare”.

These days people would do anything to get attention and be famous. So, the above-said quotation should better be changed after seeing the current viral videos. It should say, “Everything is fair in love, war, and social media trends”. Yes, that’s right.

People would come up with the most bizarre ideas to get fame on social media, just like these manicures which feature teeny-tiny hands and feet. That sounds creepy, right? Yes, let me assure you, these are the creepiest manicures you could ever see.

These tiny hand and feet manicures are going viral on social media and people are sharing them to prove they are ‘law-abiding netizens’. Let’s have a look at these hands.

These pictures were first shared by a very popular Instagram account @nail_sunny, which is famous for showing beauty and nail tips. We don’t know what they were thinking when they uploaded these pictures, but one thing is sure, people lost their cool when they saw it.

Can you imagine how you’d feel if these tiny hands touch skin as you rub your nose?

Most of the people gave this reaction when they saw these manicures.

If you still are reading the article, meaning that you are strong enough to stand the sight of those tiny hands, let us give you something grosser than that.

Most of the people were very disturbed after seeing these pictures and they couldn’t believe that such manicures could even come in the market. Here is what some of them expressed their feelings.

What do you think about such manicures? Would you go to buy them when they are available in the market? : Don’t forget to SHARE the article with your friends to give them a mini-heart attack 😀

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