Tomi Lahren to President Donald Trump: ‘Don’t Let Us Down on the Wall’

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‘If we allow millions more to pour into this country illegally, we will never get it back,’ says Fox Nation host in this opinion piece

President Donald Trump reopened the government last week without wall funding.

Let’s get something straight: I’m not turning my back on this president, but I will do my part to make sure doesn’t turn his back on us.

Hi, I’m Tomi and it’s time for “Final Thoughts.”

On Friday the president decided to give in to the Democrats and reopen the government without funding for the border wall — the funding he fought 35 days for and just like that, caved on.

He signed a continuing resolution to keep the quarter of the government that was unfunded, up and running for the next three weeks — until February 15th.

I, like many of you, wasn’t happy with that decision and I wasn’t shy about expressing it.

Yes, I am glad federal workers will now be paid. Of course.

Here’s the problem: He dug in his heels for 35 days, he caused an uproar for 35 days, he preached about the importance of the wall for 35 days. Then, all at once — he backed down.

The media was abuzz that some of Trump’s most vocal and loyal supporters turned on him, myself included.

Let me make this crystal clear. I am a Trump supporter. I am not abandoning this president, this mission or his America First agenda. Not at all. But I will hold this president accountable. I do not worship President Trump or any leader, and you shouldn’t either.

Not at all. But I will hold this president accountable.

I voted for Donald Trump because he was the only man in recent memory who vowed to stick up for the American people, put us first, and build that wall!

I haven’t lost hope. I’m not jumping ship, but like hell I’m gonna sit back and say “it’s OK” just because I voted for him.

He essentially gave Nancy and friends the key to the castle.

Does he really think, in three weeks, Congress is going to come to a solution on immigration and fund the wall?

They haven’t been able to do that in over 20 years, but now these three weeks are gonna be magic?

The RINOs in Congress had two years in the palm on their hands and did nothing.

Three weeks isn’t gonna do crap — and now Nancy Pelosi knows she’s in control.

She fought for her base of wall-hating, illegal immigrant coddling, resist-Trump lefties and because Trump backed down — she won.

She won the battle. The question is: Will she win the war?

Think eight years under Barack Obama was bad? Nah. This new crop of left-wing socialists makes Barack Obama look like Barry Goldwater.

That’s all up to you, President Trump. If wall funding isn’t accomplished in three weeks, will you hold true to your word?

Declare a state of emergency and build the wall — whatever it takes.

If you don’t, you’re screwed in 2020, but more importantly, this country is screwed for the foreseeable future.

If Trump loses in 2020, this country is going to hell in a hand basket.

Think eight years under Barack Obama was bad? Nah. This new crop of left-wing socialists makes Barack Obama look like Barry Goldwater.

Look at California, where I live: We are well on our way to socialist ruin.

If we allow millions more to pour into this country, illegally, we will never get it back.

President Trump, you are our last hope. Without that wall we are an open sore waiting to be infected.

I know I sound like a doomsday-prepper but I am deadly serious on this one.

I am not turning my back on this president, I am just reminding him what’s at stake and who he is fighting for: AMERICANS.

We didn’t let you down in 2016. Despite being labeled, shunned and antagonized for supporting you, we showed up and we showed out.

Don’t let us down now. We are counting on you. Build that wall. Make America Safe Again.

Those are my final thoughts. From LA, God bless and take care.

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