Trump just publicly insulted Joe Biden and trashed his 2020 chances in a very telling FOX interview

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Ever eager to kick the feet out from under potential rivals, President Trump publicly insulted former Vice President Joe Biden during an interview with FOX News’ Jeanine Pirro last night.

Aiming at both Biden’s status as a member of the Washingtonian elite and his past political record, Trump quipped that “He’s always been a one percenter. He ran two or three times, he never got above 1 percent!”
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Warming to his favorite pastime, Trump continued and disparagingly added that “And then, [former President] Obama came along and took him off the trash heap, and he became a vice president, and now he’s probably leading.”

He finished by declaring that Biden was “weak” and “we’ll see what happens with him” in regards to a 2020 challenge by the elderly statesman.

Biden and Trump have clashed on multiple occasions in the past, their war of words at one point degenerating into an absurd debate over which octogenarian could physically beat the other in a fight.

Biden is all but certain to be making a run at the presidency, with aides saying he believes he is the most qualified candidate to take on Trump. But he carries a significant amount of baggage with him, not the least of which being his own recent comments about how he has “no empathy for young people” and how his generation had it “much worse.” Way to make sure everyone knows you’re both out of touch and callously dismissive of the hardships facing the next generation of voters, 59% of whom vote Democrat or lean Democratic.

His past voting record — fighting against school desegregation, authoring the 1994 crime bill and the mass incarceration of African-Americans that accompanied it, voting for the Iraq War, and screwing over consumers with the 2005 Bankruptcy Protection Act — also poses a serious issue for a party base that is by and large enormously displeased with the status quo and are looking for serious progressive reforms.

But given what we know about Donald Trump, the fact that he’s singling out Joe Biden for the burn treatment is a clear indicator that he is deeply worried about the threat that Biden poses to him in 2020 — and a clarion call to the entire 2020 field that he’s feeling insecure upon the throne.

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