Trump just spoke on behalf of Black Americans and they’re not happy about it

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President Trump spent part of his executive time this morning wading into the debate over hurricane of fecal matter that is Virginia state politics since the multiple revelations about the state’s most senior politicians became public.

With admissions of past incidents of appearing in racist blackface coming from Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring, the editing of a college yearbook containing slurs and blackface photos by Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, and allegations of sexual assault and rape by two different women against Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, Virginia has become the nexus of a national debate on race, the #MeToo movement, and governance.

With Governor Northam taking a typically Republican stance on his scandal by refusing to resign, much like Rep. Steve King in the wake of his white nationalist supporting remarks, and Lt. Governor Fairfax facing threats of impeachment from fellow Democrats in the Virginia legislature, President Trump added his own perspective to the toxic brew of Virginia politics in a tweet this morning.

Trump’s tweet attracted a cascade of angry responses from people livid over the president’s presumption to speak on behalf of African Americans in any matter at all, much less about the unexplained double standard he mentions in his tweet.

Trump’s presumption to have even an iota of understanding of how African Americans think or feel is offensive to every American who feels the president should learn to keep his mouth shut when he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

If that much-desired goal could ever be achieved, Americans could start each day luxuriating in the sounds of presidential silence instead of reading the latest outrage on Twitter by someone who would long ago have been suspended from the social media platform for his violations of its terms of service were he not the president of the United States.

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10.1k shares, 1160 points

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