Trump Supporters Not Educated Sufficient to Acknowledge They’re Racist, Will get Torched

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sounded off on her opinion of supporters of President Donald Trump yesterday telling the favored leftwing present Pod Save America that “individuals who assist Trump genuinely don’t consider that they’re racist” as a result of they “aren’t educated sufficient to acknowledge racism.” In different phrases, Trump supporters are uneducated hicks who’re too dense to understand they’re racist. Effectively, instantly, fed-up People torched AOC. You’ll love this.

Trump supporters (left), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (proper) (Picture Credit score: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lives in a leftist bubble. She is a product of all the things that went fallacious when this nation’s universities and plenty of excessive colleges have been taken over by leftwing hippies from the 1960s who infiltrated greater schooling as a method to make sure academia pumps out leftists.

We see this on American campuses throughout the nation the place conservative college students are ostracized and silenced by the overwhelming variety of leftwing student-activists. AOC is simply 29-years-old and was indoctrinated and brainwashed into the particular person we see at the moment.

What’s even sadder is that AOC, who boasts she graduated from Boston College, is dumber than a field of rocks. Or, to be honest, she has demonstrated time and time once more she has no clue about economics, primary historical past, or how the federal government works.

Whereas operating for Congress, she made a speech saying she couldn’t wait to “be inaugurated.” She lamented Israel’s “occupation of Palestine” however couldn’t clarify what that meant. Laughing the remark off, she admitted: “I’m not the skilled on geopolitics on this situation.”

She claimed the Electoral Faculty was “by no means helpful,” however then couldn’t clarify the way it works.

In fact, AOC’s largest blunder is evaluating the Holocaust to what’s occurring on the Southern border. She was chided over the migrants’ voluntary motion to return to the border versus the Gestapo rounding up Jews at gunpoint.

She’s had so many gaffes and made so many ignorant statements there’s truly a three-minute video highlighting them:

Effectively, these pesky information and primary historical past classes together with a highschool civics class aren’t one thing AOC appears to know or taken herself. However you higher consider if you’re a Trump supporter the previous bartender is labeling you a racist, nonetheless, she claims you don’t comprehend it.

That’s proper. You might be so uneducated you possibly can’t acknowledge what racism is, claims AOC. 

“It’s not about asking are Trump voters racist. We have to discuss racism, not racists. Racist — it’s a really two-dimensional, boring dialog. Is one thing racist, sure or no,” AOC stated. “So there are lots of people that assist Trump that genuinely don’t consider that they’re racist as a result of we don’t discuss or educate folks on recognizing racism.”

“And since we don’t try this we get caught on this debate of is one thing racist. Then folks use their defensiveness, and so they say, ‘Effectively, it’s not racist as a result of I’m not racist and I consider this factor as a result of it’s financial in nature,’” AOC concluded.

People made positive AOC is aware of simply how extremely ignorant she actually is. 

“I get it! Solely socialists can spot white extremism and racism. Possibly it doesn’t exist besides within the minds of socialist geniuses who’re going to make socialism, a failed system work. It sounds fairly fishy to me,” tweeted Trebor Z.

“Talking of schooling, has anybody ever actually checked the authenticity of AOC’s credentials? It looks as if there are extra imposters infiltrating our authorities than ever earlier than,” tweeted Betty M.

“She is the ignorant one, the academic system actually failed her,” tweeted Dona Rogers.

@AOC ole Cortez calling others uneducated. That’s hilarious,” tweeted “George Washington.”

The 29-year-old former bartender would possibly wish to brush up on her expertise. She would possibly wish to get out her e book of cocktails and clean up on the preferred drinks. In line with current information, there are solely 10 individuals who stay in her district who’ve donated to her re-election marketing campaign.

Solely 10 individuals who stay inside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district have been recorded making donations to her reelection marketing campaign in 2019, in keeping with a Each day Caller {News} Basis evaluation of accessible Federal Election Fee (FEC) filings.

She solely acquired $1,525.00 {dollars} from her New York constituents. If solely 10 individuals who matter are donating to your marketing campaign, this in all probability is a giant signal your constituents aren’t proud of the job you’re doing.

These of us who’re Trump supporters not solely aren’t racist, however we can also learn the writing on the wall for AOC. Calling us “racist” isn’t working for the New York Democrat. You don’t should be a rock scientist to see AOC’s constituents again within the Bronx gained’t be needing her providers as their Consultant anymore.

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