Trump Tears Strip off Of Cohen And Clinton Ahead Of Testimony

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President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is set to testify before Congress on Wednesday.

But minutes before the testimony, which paints President Trump in a negative light, the president issued a statement.

And he tore a strip off of the disgraced attorney and his attorney, Lanny Davis, who formerly represented Hillary Clinton.

“Michael Cohen was one of many lawyers who represented me (unfortunately). He had other clients also. He was just disbarred by the State Supreme Court for lying & fraud. He did bad things unrelated to Trump. He is lying in order to reduce his prison time. Using Crooked’s lawyer!” he said.

The opening statement for Michael Cohen, the former attorney of President Donald Trump, has been revealed and it is shocking.

It is devastating enough, even if it is a lie, that it could bring about impeachment proceedings.

In the opening testimony Cohen will give on Wednesday in a public hearing before Congress he asserts that President Trump knew of Russian collusion with his campaign, Politico reported.

Does Cohen belong in prison?

“Mr. Stone told Mr. Trump that he had just gotten off the phone with Julian Assange and that Mr. Assange told Mr. Stone that, within a couple of days, there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” Cohen will testify.

In his testimony he recalls that Trump responded to that by saying “Wouldn’t that be great.”

But, and this is important, he will say he has no evidence of any direct collusion with Trump and the Russians or Wikileaks.

The former Trump attorney will also recount an anecdote suggesting that Trump had knowledge of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between top campaign officials and a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

In early June, Cohen recounts, he was with Trump in his office when Donald Trump Jr. — one of the meeting’s participants — “came into the room and walked behind his father’s desk,” which Cohen says was “unusual.”

“I recalled Don Jr. leaning over to his father and speaking in a low voice, which I could clearly hear, and saying: ‘The meeting is all set.’ I remember Mr. Trump saying, ‘Ok good … let me know,’” Cohen will say in his prepared testimony.

The president has denied having prior knowledge of the meeting, which has been scrutinized by congressional investigators and special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors.

Additionally, Cohen will address a recent BuzzFeed report stating that Trump had directed him to lie to Congress about the Trump Organization’s business dealings in Moscow. While he says Trump did not “directly tell me to lie,” Trump “would look me in the eye and tell me there’s no business in Russia and then go out and lie to the American people by saying the same thing. In his way, he was telling me to lie.”

Cohen will tell lawmakers that Trump asked him “how’s it going in Russia?” — which he says is a reference to the Trump Tower Moscow project — at least six times between January and June of 2016. He says Trump’s attorneys “reviewed and edited” his false statement to Congress about the timing of the Moscow deal.

“Mr. Trump knew of and directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it,” Cohen will say. “He lied about it because he never expected to win the election. He also lied about it because he stood to make hundreds of millions of dollars on the Moscow real estate project.”

Cohen will also testify that President Trump directed him to violate campaign finance laws to pay porn Star Stormy Daniels and a Playboy model.

“I am ashamed that I chose to take part in concealing Mr. Trump’s illicit acts rather than listening to my own conscience,” he will testify.

“I am ashamed because I know what Mr. Trump is.” He will say. “He is a racist. He is a conman. He is a cheat.”

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