Try These Steps To Make Your Home Squeaky Clean

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We all want to make our house clean and sparkling, we do lots of things to make it beautiful. Research says that a clean house helps in reducing stress and it gives you peace and calm atmosphere.

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be the kind of task that encourages procrastination and makes you wish you had a maid. In fact, it’s not something to be feared, especially if you have a well-designed cleaning schedule or plan and if you know a few tricks which can make the process easier and faster.

We share some cleaning tips with you, which will help in cleaning your house properly.

1 Dust in tight spots

Vacuum cleaners make cleaning easy, but it doesn’t reach some places. We can use the toilet paper tube to clean that hide surfaces.

2 Old leather furniture

To clean our old leather sofa, we can simply clean it by shoe polish. It will make it clean and shiny.

3 Dents in carpets

We can use the regular ice cubes to get rid of dents in the carpet. You just need to place them on the dents and leave them to melt for the night. The carpet will absorb the moisture and will look as good as new.

4 Cleaning kitchen cabinets

To clean the kitchen cabinets, and the oily surface just mixes the soda into coconut oil and rub it through with cloth, toothbrush or sponge.

5 Unpleasant smells from the trash

In order to get rid of unpleasant smells, you can make special flavor disks. It is really simple: you will need 1-2 glasses of water, 2 glasses of baking soda, and some essential oil. Mix the ingredients, put them in a special mold, and leave them for 1-2 days to dry. Use it as your freshener.

6 Oil stains on carpets

You can use baking soda, a regular dishwashing liquid, and vinegar to get rid of these stains. The baking soda will absorb some of the liquid and the combination of the other 2 liquids will remove the stain.

7 Tough carpet stains

You will need a mixture of hot water and ammonia and an iron. Spray the mixture on the spot, put a piece of cloth on top of it, and iron over the spot. After several times of doing this, the paint will be removed from the carpet and it will look as good as new.

8 Glitter

You can use playdough to collect glitter. The surface will be cleaner.

9 Making an old flat iron look like new

You can fix this problem with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Put baking soda on your flat iron and pour some hydrogen peroxide on top. Repeat several times. Stains will be removed.

10 Getting rid of the smell in the garbage disposal

Just freeze ice cubes with lemon and put a couple of them in the shredder. It won’t only become cleaner and start to work better but also will have a great smell.

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