Tucker Carlson Interview Goes Insane As He Tells Guest ‘Go F**k Yourself’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson went off the rails during an unaired interview with a Dutch historian.

And now the Fox News Channel is refusing to air the interview in its entirety likely because of the language.

Carlson was interviewing a leftist Dutch writer named Rutger Bregman who became famous after he told people in Switzerland that their taxes needed to be raised.

““It feels like I’m at a firefighters conference and no one’s allowed to speak about water, right? Just stop talking about philanthropy and start talking about taxes,” he said at the conference.

Bregman is also a vocal advocate for open borders and does not believe that nations should eb able to choose who enters.

That set the stage for the contentious interview that has the Internet buzzing and Fox News unwilling to air it.

“You’re a millionaire funded by billionaires. That’s what you are. I’m glad you finally now jumped the bandwagon of people like Bernie Sanders and AOC, but you’re not part of the solution, Mr. Carlson. You’re part of the problem, actually,” Bregman said.

Do you watch Tucker Carlson?

“But AOC — but could I just say, and …,” Carlson said before Bregman cut him off.

“It’s true, right? That all the anchors on Fox,” Brgeman shot back as if being successful is a crime.

“You would have to be a moron,” Carlson started in before Bregman interrupted again.

“They’re all millionaires! How is this possible? Well, it’s very easy, you’re just not talking about certain things,” Bregman said.

“Fox doesn’t even play where you are!” Carlson fired back at the socialist.

“’It doesn’t play where you are?’ Well, have you heard of the internet? I can watch things, whatever I want, you know,” Bregman said.

“You haven’t even seen Fox before!” Carlson said.

“I have, actually. I can’t say I’m a great fan of your show, but I do my homework when you invite me on your show. So you’re probably not going to air this,” Bregman fired back.

“I doubt it,” Carlson said. As do I. he likely watched an episode to get an idea of the show.

“But I went to Davos to speak truth to power, and I’m doing exactly the same thing right now. You may not like it but you’re a millionaire funded by billionaires, and that’s the reason why you’re not talking about these issues,” Bregman said.

“But I am talking about these issues,” Carlson said. But again he should not have to defend his success.

“But only now, come on, you jumped the bandwagon. You’re like, ‘Oh, I’m against the globalist elite, blah blah blah.’ It’s not very convincing, to be honest,” Bregman said.

And that is when Carlson had it with this propagandist and went to work on him.

“I want to say to you — why don’t you go f**k yourself, you tiny brain — and I hope this gets picked up because you’re a moron, I tried to give you a hearing but you were too f***ing annoying,” he said.

Why should Carlson apologize for his success? This is the issue with leftists. They think that anyone with success is evil and owes you something. That is simpler than finding your own success.

In a tweet on Wednesday Carlson promised to discuss the segment on his show.

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