Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Gets Read the Riot Act over Censorship

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared on the “Joe Rogan Experience” Tuesday for an interview spanning more than three hours. But rather than a puff piece, it turned out to be quite the memorable exchange thanks in large part to fellow guest Tim Pool, who pressed Dorsey and Twitter legal policy official Vijaya Gadde on his company’s record of censoring speech and accounts that don’t conform to liberal orthodoxy.

Zero Hedge has the play-by-play and the highlights of the grilling by Pool, an independent journalist who was formerly with Vice and Fusion:

Why does it always feel like your policies are going one direction politically […] like when Antifa doxxed a bunch of law enforcement agents…and since September, this tweet is still live […] The guy who threatened the lives of Covington students…you did nothing.

Conservatives who’ve been following this scandal for a long time know Twitter’s excuses by heart: we might make human errors occasionally, but we definitely don’t discriminate, no sir.

Undeterred, Pool pressed them on how aggressive Twitter is in the other direction, banning personalities like Milo Yiannopoulo, Alex Jones, and Charles Johnson whom, despite being worthy of valid criticism for all sorts of reasons, committed Twitter offenses that all paled in comparison to violent comments that are allowed to stand when made by liberals.

Particularly egregious is Twitter’s relatively-recent policy of banning users for “misgendering” others, by which they mean referring to a transgender person by their biological sex rather than whatever they “identify” as. Transgenderism is obviously a major cultural and policy debate right now, yet the company officially considers it beyond the pale to not accept the premise of one side of the dispute.

What’s next? Banning users for saying “illegal” instead of “undocumented,” or “pro-abortion” instead of “pro-choice”?

Does Twitter censor conservatives?

Gadde and Dorey responded that plenty of people on the left think Twitter isn’t doing nearly enough to hold conservatives accountable.

Translation: nothing’s ever enough for liberals, therefore you conservatives should be grateful we aren’t even harder on you. Seems legit.

“The guy who calls for death gets a suspension…the guy who insinuates death gets a permanent ban,” Pool charged. “And you have a pattern and practice of banning only one faction of people.”

Here are some more highlights and takeaways from the brawl:

Pool is absolutely right: social media censorship is very real, it’s a danger to the free flow of information and ideas, and Twitter is one of the worst offenders.

To be clear, Jack Dorsey absolutely has the right to operate a left-wing echo chamber, but he doesn’t have the right to do so while reaping the legal benefits of identifying as a neutral forum rather than a publisher. It’s way past time for the feds to remind him of that fact.


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