Watch as CNN’s Stelter Defends Hate Mob Attacking Tucker Carlson

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Today CNN’s Brian Stelter reprehensibly defended the hate mob that is currently attacking Tucker Carlson for comments he made 10 years ago while working for MSNBC.

Stelter defended the mob by saying the solution was to not “be so hateful. Is that so much to ask? I don’t know. Maybe it is.”

Fox News has a history of defending CNN against Trump’s accusations of fake news, but CNN has zero interest in defending Fox News when it’s attacked.

Watch as CNN’s Brian Stelter defends the hate mob attacking Tucker Carlson:

Partial transcript:

BERMAN: “I read Mary Katharine’s book. It’s terrific and you really lay out a long argument about what’s wrong with a lot of the finger-pointing that goes wrong in our society. I do wonder though about Tucker Carlson’s claim that he really is the victim here when he’s the one who said these things. He said them. He just said them.”

HAM: “Yeah. It’s like Ilhan Omar. Her supporters told me quoting her is some sort of victimization of her. No, quoting you is quoting you. But you can stand up for yourself and I do think there is a difference between contemporaneous and old.

We have found that even old blackface on a Democratic governor doesn’t cause you to be punished. That’s a fairly bright line.

Look, this is where we are. Different people will stand by different standards. And frankly, I think sometimes the right is held to different standards than the left is on these things. By the way, this is another thing about this.

This doesn’t just resonate with a Fox audience. The idea that people are being cowed by political correctness and by this attempt to fire people and take people’s scalps when they say something mildly errant, even if this isn’t mildly errant, this is something that resonates with a lot of Americans.

This is actually a large part of why Donald Trump was elected, even though I’m not a huge fan and often disagree with Tucker Carlson.”

STELTER: “Let’s just raise the bar for everybody, though. Let’s make the standards higher across the board.”

CAMEROTA: “When you have a platform, right? So I think when you are an opinion maker —”

STELTER: “Don’t be so hateful. Is that so much to ask? I don’t know. Maybe it is.”

BERMAN: “Mary Katharine, Brian Stelter, thank you all.”

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