Watch as Don Jr. Accuses Instagram of Anti-Trump Conspiracy

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Donald Trump Jr. accused social media platforms of suppressing his followers during an appearance on Fox & Friends Monday morning, suggesting it was part of a big tech conspiracy to censor conservatives ahead of the 2020 election.

President Donald Trump‘s adult son was on the Fox News morning show to talk about his op-ed, for RealClearPolitics, that accused Instagram of deleting a post of his on actor Jussie Smollett for political reasons.

After the post was deleted, Don Jr. said users messaged him to say they could no longer interact with his account. Instagram said in a statement that the issue was a bug that affected a “large number of people regardless of who they like or follow.”

Watch the whole thing:

Partial transcript:

EARHARDT: “You wrote a op-ed, social media platforms targeting you, if big tech can censor me, think what they can do to you. Why did you wrote it.”

TRUMP JR.: “I put out a tweet sarcastically, hitting Jussie Smollett, people in downtown Chicago, were knot there in wearing MAGA hat. If you wore a MAGA hat in Downtown Chicago, in two seconds you would get shot. It has been pulled. Because I had the gall to question, what seemed like a crazy story.

We’re not allowed to question, anymore. This is couple weeks ago. I sort of questioned it before others because it just didn’t seem to add up to me. If it was guilty, if it was true, you take these people out, that stuff can’t be happening in this country.

Seemed a little bit weird, sort of liberal activist that has been so there, someone would wait at 2:00 A.M., to try to take him out on coldest night of the year, because rich actors go out to subway at 2:00 A.M. It didn’t add up. Most are thinking the same thing, these days, it takes guts to go out there and question the narrative.”

EARHARDT: “Why did they say they pulled it?”

TRUMP JR.: “Didn’t meet standards. So I put it back up, oh really. This is what it is. These are the facts. Here is what it is. I started getting inundated with people saying, Don, Instagram blocked me out of my account for trying to like your other tweets or president’s tweets. Instagram, I had to follow you three times in one week because every time I checked my best friend in high school called me. Your stuff doesn’t even show up in my feed. I don’t know what is going on. When I search you in Instagram, Donald Trump, Jr., you don’t show up as a top find.”

KILMEADE: “The Chicago pd superintendent about the actual incident. You saw the presser on Friday. He added to that.”

TRUMP JR.: “The symbolism of a noose is very offensive. The city of Chicago has its issues. The Chicago police department has its issues with racism and excessive force, all of that, I’m acutely aware of that, but we didn’t earn this particular incident. And I just refuse to let us have to take that shot if I’m, if I have evidence to the contrary. So I just want people to understand that is a damaging thing to do to a city and, to a police department. You know, so, it is my responsibility to insure that the record gets that straight.”

HEGSETH: “He has been strong.”

TRUMP JR.: “I thought he was great. I thought the press conference was amazing. He is 100% right. The problem with the activism, hate crimes, reporters came out, this one was a fake, this one was a fake. Man, to me it seemed like there were many more hoax hate crimes than there were actual. The problem is, those hate crimes do still exist. Racism is very real problem in this country.

It is not the problem for everything, every grievance that you have. So what happens is, these things really do a disservice from people who are truly afflicted by this not some actor who is making $65,000 an episode who wants higher pay, who wants more attention by coming against trump because that is the cool thing to do but actual, real, people who are hit by this because now you hear it, oh, sure it is. Roll your eyes, move on.

You can’t say that but that is what is actually happening because every grievance. Everything you can’t combat with facts, everything that you don’t like, racist. It is just like let’s call, the easy button for the left. That is not fair. It is not right.

So when you combine that with the Internet censorship, like I said, people calling me, inundating me, I have to follow your account three times, Instagram won’t let me like your account. I have been locked out trying to like your tweets. Well, because it is spam-like behavior. Someone trying to like a tweet of mine, that is not spam-like behavior. Doesn’t make any sense.”

KILMEADE: “Social media, success you have, had a lot to do with the success you had. Maybe there is a push out there, what you’re inferring to stop —“

TRUMP JR.: “It’s not just me. I got, Second Amendment accounts. Same thing is happening to me. I had one week, this summer I called it out. Something like 10 million organic impressions and zero new followers. It is statistically impossible. Feels like it’s a dry run, trying to suppress any right-wing message for 2020. They’re setting it up. Seeing how far —“

HEGSETH: “They can come after you.”

TRUMP JR.: “If they can do it to me, think of regular guy with 400 friends, their followers, they want to pass something along. Guess what, that guy doesn’t have big soapbox I do. They don’t have ability to call it out, come on national TV to speak about it. I do. I will keep fighting. It is not right.”

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