Watch as Lindsey Graham Warns GOP Over Trump and Border

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South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham just issued a warning over President Trump’s border emergency that those who lead the GOP need to pay attention to, and act upon.

Senator Graham, in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, warned GOP leaders that they need to stand behind the president over the border wall, and illegal immigration, or else.

He went further and declared it the defining issue of the Republican party at the moment, and he’s more than right. GOP leaders need to get behind the President on this, or they’ll lose the base.

Watch the whole thing:

Partial transcript:

Bartiromo: So what do you want to say about this? Here we have a situation where we continue to see break-ins at the border.

Graham: Right.

Bartiromo: At the ports as well. I mean, why would Republicans not be behind the president on this?

Graham: Well some people believe that the emergency declaration could lead to Democrats in the future doing the same thing on other issues.

That’s not my concern. My concern is a broken border.

It is not a manufactured crisis and what upsets me so much is that in 2013, almost all of the Democrats voted for $9 billion for border security, for barriers, as part of a $44 billion package, so to my Republican friends it’s clear to me they’re not recognizing President Trump won. They’re not having the same attitude about barriers under Trump as they did Obama, you’re basically legitimate marginalizing the Trump presidency by not standing by the president because the Democrats are not playing fair with President Trump.

He doesn’t have any choice but to declare a national emergency and he has all the legal authority he needs to do it.

Bartiromo: And in terms of the money that he can gain from other agencies as a result of the national emergency we’re talking about $3 billion roughly, from the money in the treasury. I mean tell us where this money comes from and why you believe that these are moneys that have been appropriated but not used and are available to the president in this regard.

Graham: Well he wants $5.7 billion, now what does that number represent? That number represents the top 10 priorities of the Department of Homeland Security as to where you actually need barriers.

This is not President Trump sitting down and making stuff up this is what the professionals tell us we need.

These are the top 10 sites that we need a barrier to protect the border and the total cost is 5.7 you take the 1.375 out of that, what Congress gave him and you go into the military construction bill, you go into other pieces of legislation, you move money around, and you build-out the wall of the barrier.

That’s where he’s going to get the money from. Some from here and some from there and the national emergency declaration has been used 50 times. Obama sent troops to the border. Bush 43 sent troops to the border. Trump is sending troops to the border.

What’s the difference between sending a soldier, to the border to shore up the border than having a soldier, build a barrier while they’re there is all the legal authority he needs and I hope the Republicans will stand behind him.

This is a defining issue in our party.

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