WWE Legend The Undertaker “Has Retired From Wrestling”

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Legendary WWE Superstar The Undertaker has retired from wrestling according to a report that says that his contract with WWE has ended.

Talk about wrestling with anyone who used to be a fan will inevitably start a conversation about one of only a few men, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock or The Undertaker.

Those are some of the biggest names to have transcended the sport and the big characters who are remembered by those who watched WWE in their teen years but stopped afterwards.

The Undertaker is the man who not only transcends the sport but also the eras. Making his WWE debut in 1990 he has been a favourite throughout the early 90s, the Attitude Era, the Relentless Aggression Era and the modern ‘Reality Era.’

The ‘Deadman’ is best known for his incredible run of wins at Wrestlemania which stood at 21-0 before he lost to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30.

‘Taker’s’ schedule in recent years has been vastly reduced and he hasn’t been seen since the ‘Crown Jewel’ event in November and it seems we won’t be seeing him again in the ring.

According to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer the ‘Deadman’ has retired, with Meltzer saying:

“At least as of a week ago he was not doing either (WrestleMania or Saudi Arabia) and obviously WWE can panic and the Saudi Arabia show. If the prince wants him they can offer him so much money to do it but as of a week ago he was not on either show. So I think he’s retired as a wrestler.”

There had already been speculation about the former seven time WWE champion because he is due to make a non wrestling appearance at Starrcast.

The event is a fans conference on the same weekend as AEW’s first show ‘Double or Nothing’ with the new independent company being considered as a potential future alternative to WWE.

With his affinity to WWE, where he has had a legendary career stretching nearly 30 years there is little chance that he’d go to wrestle outside of WWE.

It will be sad if he never gets back in the ring in some ways but it’s fair to say that after a lot of high profile matches he isn’t the wrestler he once was.

Now perhaps we’ll get to know everything about Mark Calloway that we didn’t already know.

If this is Rest in Peace for Taker’s career then it’s been a hell of a career that’s delighted us all.

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7.7k shares, 1136 points

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