You Can Have A Sleepover At The Natural History Museum

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Did you ever watch that Friends episode, y’know the one, where Ross and Rachel get to it at the museum? They spend the evening under some artificial stars and then wake up around stuffed animals and draped in fur…

Did you ever want to re-enact it? Maybe you’re unlikely to admit to that… but, the Natural History Museum is offering a much more PG version.

In fact, you’re probably not the target audience if you’re just after a steamy night – this is more for the Jurassic Park enthusiasts amongst us.

Anyway, back to what is being offered. The London museum is hosting a ‘Dino Snores’ overnight stay for grown ups which includes a three-course dinner and hot breakfast.

You will take a trip to the galleries, sample gin, see some stand-up comedy and have an all-night monster music marathon.

The website promises: “Dino Snores for Grown-ups is an unforgettable night inside one of London’s most impressive buildings. It’s the perfect experience for a group of friends, or as a gift for a loved one.”

The events will take place on March 23 (sold out), May 18 (sold out), July 5 and September 13. Tickets will set you back £180 ($235) each or £162 ($212) for members.

And the experience isn’t only for adults – you can also enjoy the museum and all it has to offer with your entire family – children must be aged seven to 11.

You will set up camp in one of the spectacular galleries before taking part in an ‘action-packed’ night with a torch-lit trail, a dinosaur t-shirt-making workshop and an educational science show presented by a Museum scientist.

At midnight, it’s time to settle down to sleep. In the morning, breakfast is served bright and early and you’ll get to experience a live animal show before waving goodbye to the Museum when it opens to the public at 10.00.

Dates available for events welcoming children are January 26 (sold out), February 1 (sold out), February 23, March 16 (sold out), April 13, May 3 and June 1.

Tickets are £60 ($78) for both children and adults or £54 ($70) for members.

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7.7k shares, 1136 points

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